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As a parent, one of the most important things in life is the time you have to spend with your children. If you are your child’s non-custodial parent, you must rely on adherence to your parenting time plan by the other parent for access to your children. If you have a parenting time plan in place that is not being followed, our Portland family attorney can work with you to get your time with your children back.

Ronald Allen Johnston has dedicated his practice to working with families to resolve legal issues for more than 40 years. He has the knowledge, skill and experience you need on your side when your ability to be with your children is being impeded by an uncooperative other parent.

Enforcement of Parenting Time Process

The first method available to enforce a parenting time plan is called an “enforcement of parenting time process.” This is usually the most efficient and effective approach to take when your child’s custodial parent is not adhering to the parenting time provided to you by the court. This approach means that you are entitled to an expedited hearing, which will take place within 45 days. Your case will be heard by the judge to whom your child custody matter is assigned.

During this proceeding, the court has the authority to:

  • Specify a parenting time schedule in more detail
  • Order additional parenting time
  • Require one or both parents to attend counseling or educational classes
  • Order additional remedies, which can be found in Oregon Revised Statute 107.434

Every parent deserves the right to spend time with their child and have a say in how that child is being raised. It is important to note that even if your parenting time is being denied, you should continue to pay your child support, as usual. Non-payment of child support will not reflect kindly upon you, even if you are being denied visitation. The proper remedy is to bring the non-compliant parent to court for parenting time enforcement, and not taking the law into your own hands by cutting off child support. Our Portland family lawyer will help you gain back your deserved parenting time in accordance with the law.

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